-Deductive Application Language (DeAL) System - A next-generation Datalog System.


SemScape is an NLP-based framework for mining unstructured or free text. The ultimate goal of SemScape is to convert text into a machine-friendly structure, called TextGraph, which contains grammatical relations between terms and words in the text. In order to do so, SemScape uses linguistic morphologies to extract concepts and relations simultaneously.

-Demo: Text to TextGraph System

-Demo: Text to OntoGraph System


Early Accurate Results for Advanced Analytics on MapReduce - Early Accurate Result Library (EARL) for Hadoop.

Panta Rhei

We study the support for schema evolution in the context of snapshot databases and transaction-time databases.

-PRISM Web demo installed

Stream Mill

The complete data stream management system must support relational streams, XML streams, and languages more powerful than SQL and XQuery--as required, e.g., for mining queries and queries for finding patterns in data streams.

-New mining algorithms


Poweful Archival Information Systems can be built by combining XML and relational DBs. XML supports a temporally-grouped view of the transaction-time history of the underlying DB, whereby powerful temporal queries are expressed in XQuery (with no extension required). Internally, RDBMSs support these temporal views and queries efficiently via SQL/XML.

Web demo installed