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This page collects the publications related to the Panta Rhei project:

  • "Schema Evolution in Wikipedia: toward a Web Information System Benchmark " Carlo A. Curino, Hjun J. Moon, Letizia Tanca, Carlo Zaniolo, ICEIS 2008[1]
  • "Information Systems Integration and Evolution: Ontologies at Rescue" Carlo A. Curino, Letizia Tanca, Carlo Zaniolo, STSM 2008[2]
  • "Graceful database schema evolution: the prism workbench" Carlo A. Curino, Hyun J. Moon, and Carlo Zaniolo. VLDB, 2008 [3]
  • "Managing and querying transaction-time databases under schema evolution" H. J. Moon, C. A. Curino, A. Deutsch, C.-Y. Hou, and C. Zaniolo. VLDB, 2008. [4]
  • "Managing the History of Metadata in support for DB Schema Evolution" Carlo A. Curino, Hyun J. Moon, Carlo Zaniolo, ECDM 2008 [5]
  • "The PRISM Workwench: Database Schema Evolution Without Tears" Carlo A. Curino, Hyun J. Moon, MyungWon Ham, Carlo Zaniolo, demo paper at ICDE 2009 [6]
  • "PRIMA: Archiving and Querying Historical Data with Evolving Schemas" Hyun J. Moon, Carlo A. Curino, MyungWon Ham, Carlo Zaniolo, demo paper at SIGMOD, 2009 [7]
  • "Scalable Architecture and Query Optimization for Transaction-time DBs with Evolving Schemas", Hyun J. Moon, Carlo Curino, Carlo Zaniolo, SIGMOD 2010 [8]
  • "Update Rewriting and Integrity Constraint Maintenance in a Schema Evolution Support System: PRISM++", Carlo Curino, Hyun J. Moon, Alin Deutsch, Carlo Zaniolo accepted at VLDB 2011 [9]
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