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This wiki reports the research advances of the Panta Rhei, a research project for data management under schema evolution.

The Panta Rhei project aims at providing powerful tools that: (i) facilitate schema evolution and guide the Database Administrator in planning and evaluating changes, (ii) support automatic rewriting of legacy queries against the current schema version, (iii) enable efficient archiving of the histories of data and metadata, and (iv) support complex temporal queries over such histories, and (v) automate the documentation and querying of metadata histories.



  • MIT
    • Carlo A. Curino [1]
  • Politecnico di Milano
    • Letizia Tanca [2]
    • Fabrizio Moroni
  • UCLA
    • Hyun J. Moon [3]
    • Carlo Zaniolo [4]
    • Myungwon Ham
  • UC San Diego
    • Alin Deutsch [5]
    • Chien-Yi Hou


Within this macro-project the following projects have been developed (please follow the links for further details):


This work was supported in part by NSF-IIS award 0705345: “III-COR: Collaborative Research: Graceful Evolution and Historical Queries in Information Systems – A Unified Approach"


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