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Modern information systems, and web information systems in particular, are faced with frequent database schema changes, which generate the necessity to manage such evolution and preserve their history. In this paper, we describe the Pantha Rei Framework designed to provide powerful tools that: (i) facilitate schema evolution and guide the Database Administrator in planning and evaluating changes, (ii) support automatic rewriting of legacy queries against the current schema version, (iii) enable efficient archiving of the histories of data and metadata, and (iv) support complex temporal queries over such histories. We then introduce the Historical Metadata Manager (HMM), a tool designed to facilitate the process of documenting and querying the schema evolution itself. We use the schema history of the Wikipedia database as a telling example of the many uses and benefits of HMM<bibref f="defbib.bib">ecdm2008</bibref>.


  • Carlo A. Curino (contact author) [1]
  • Hyun J. Moon [2]
  • Carlo Zaniolo [3]


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