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== Overview ==
H-PRIMA is an efficient incarnation of [[Prima]], which supports the same features of management and querying of transaction-database systems under schema evolution. The original PRIMA is based on XML DB that executes XQuery queries on XML data, which is not very efficient at the current state of art. In H-PRIMA, we instead employ RDBMS-based query execution engine, to improve the performance. We also address the problem of temporal coalesce for the fragmented history by schema changes.
== Experiment Data Set ==
== Experiment Data Set ==

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[edit] Experiment Data Set

Here we share the datasets and tools used for experiment with H-PRIMA to increase the repeatability and verifiability of our results, and also to encourage re-use of our data for other research efforts.

  • Data Set
    • Data generator for employee DB under schema evolution
    • XML data (Warning: simple left-click on these files could take forever - download them with right-click.)
      • emp1h-vdoc.xml (1.17MB): data for 1,000 employees over evolving schema of five year periods. generated from H-Tables for the purpose of performance comparison between XML DB and RDBMS.
      • emp10h-vdoc.xml (11.7MB): same data with 10,000 employees
      • emp100h-vdoc.xml (116.5MB): same data with 100,000 employees
    • Queries used in experiment
  • Query rewriting engine - coming soon
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