A Short Tutorial on OBS Studio

OSB studio is a free open source online vidio streaming software. This article is a short tutorial of how to use OBS Studio to make your video recording.

Download and Install OBS Studio

Visit the address below to download OBS Studio. Choose the appropriate software version which matches your operating system.

When the downloading is finished, install the OBS Studio to your system.

Use OBS Studio to record your browser

Step 1. Settings of OBS Studio. Open OBS Studio and click "Settings" button on bottom right.

Select "Output" tag and define the "Recording Path" which is the path to store your recording file. You should also set an appropriate encoder and recording format. We suggest to use x264 as the encoder and MP4/MOV/MKV as the recording format.

Step 2. Track your browser. You can see the "source" box on the bottom left corner. Click the "+" button and select "Window Capture" option.

Select "create new" option and click OK. In window menu, select your browser and click OK(We use chrome in the example. If it's not in the list, wait for a while).

Step 3.Recording. Now the browser is displayed in the OBS Studio. By clicking the "Start Recording" button, the recording will start. Then you can switch to your browser and display your website. When finished, click "Stop Recording" and the video will be stored on the recording path defined in step 1.

Tips: After step 2, if your browser is not displayed in OBS Studio(A black screen is displayed), open your browser's settings and switch off the "Hardware Acceleration" Option.